Mullica HIll 856-294-5600
Haddon Heights 856-547-7300
Haddon Pediatric Group     

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic

When our office is closed, one of our doctors is ALWAYS on call. In the evenings and on weekends, your call may be returned by our nurse triage service.  These nurses can reach our on-call physician, if needed. After midnight, our doctors take emergency calls from their homes. 

For urgent concerns when the office is closed, call the Haddon Heights office at 856-547-7300, and listen to the prompts to reach our answering service. If the doctor or nurse doesn't return your call within 20 minutes, please call the answering service again. Please save routine questions (mild illness, appointments, referrals, prescription refills) for the morning when the office opens. 


If an emergency should arise, please call 911. Emergencies are considered to be conditions that are life-threatening: loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, seizure, etc. In the case of minor emergencies (lacerations, cuts, mild fractures, sprains), please call our office first for instructions.