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Virtual Visits

If you have not already signed your children up for our patient portal, please call the office soon to do so. Our staff will need to enter your email address to start the process.  This will streamline the virtual visit process(below)

March, 2020

Our office has significantly ramped up our ability to do telehealth visits. Even better, most insurance companies have waived copays for these visits!

It's the beginning of everyone's first week under the new "stay at home" order. By isolating at home and maintaining social distancing, we can slow the rise of COVID-19. Virtual visits can allow our office to continue to provide excellent medical care and reduce your child's risk for infection. Patients who have participated in them so far have been very happy with the process.

Would you like to speak to a doctor or nurse practitioner about your sick child? Do you have feeding concerns about your infant? Or behavior issues? Or just need a medication refill? Or any question at all? Nearly all of these can be done by a virtual visit, so you don't have to come in.

When you call to speak to our staff, let them know you'd like to speak to one of our physicians about your concerns and they'll help you decide whether you need to come in or if we do it online (Although, despite the picture, we still can't do a Strep swab through the internet).

If you haven't signed up for our web portal yet, call the office to get started today, so you can be prepared for virtual visits in the future.

On your end, in order to do a Virtual visit, you'll need a computer with a webcam or a cell phone.  When you call to schedule a visit that our office feels can be done as a Virtual visit, OR if we call you to change a previously scheduled visit to a Virtual visit, our office will need to input your email address.  Soon after, you'll get an email inviting you to sign up on our web portal.  Please note that the web portal and virtual visits do not seem to work in Safari browser. If you are using a Mac OS computer, please download Chrome browser and sign in there.

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, please download the Healow app from your phone's app store and use that to sign into your child's portal.

Healow app set up

Once a Virtual visit appointment is scheduled for your child, you will see a notification on both the Healow app and the web portal.
A few minutes before your visit, please click the Virtual visit icon and follow the prompts. You may see a questionnaire or a vital sign screen. Fill in what you know and leave the rest blank. After submitting that, the system will show a message counting down the minutes until you can join the "Virtual Waiting Room" (at least you'll get to be in your own house).  When the provider is ready, you'll see a notification to join the visit. Along the way, there'll be a screen to make sure your camera and mic are working.

This document has instructions and will walk you through the process.

This is new for all of us, so please bear with us as we work through the process. It may be bumpy at times. We are doing our best to serve our patients' needs and keep you and us safe.