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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Pediatrician

Are you in the process of choosing a pediatrician? Whether you have a newborn for whom you’re seeking care for the first time, you’re moving to our area, or you’re switching pediatricians, this is an important decision. You want to make sure you find someone who will provide the very best child preventive care, as well as someone whose philosophy is compatible with yours. 

How To Find the Best Pediatrician For Your Baby

The only way to find out everything you want and need to know is to ask...

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Common Developmental Issues: When should you worry that your child may have a delay in development?

Are you concerned that your child is not meeting their developmental milestones within the normal age range? Does he or she seem to be lagging behind other children of the same age? These are common worries among parents, but before you jump to conclusions, it's best to ask your pediatrician
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Top 6 Best Pediatricians in Mullica Hill, NJ

When it comes to your children, you want the very best pediatricians available. Your child’s health is of utmost importance and not every Mullica Hill pediatrician can offer the same level of quality care that Advocare Haddon Pediatric Group can.
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Top 6 Best Pediatricians in Haddon Heights, NJ

Are you looking for a pediatrician you can trust to care for your child? As a parent or guardian you want the very best pediatricians for the ones you love. But with so many Haddon Heights pediatricians to choose from, it can be a difficult decision. A basic online search for “pediatricians near me” can bring you hundreds of results. But not every office can offer the same level of experience and quality care. 


Advocare Haddon Pediatric Group has been caring for young patients for generations. If you’re looking for the top pediatricians in Haddon Heights, NJ, you’ve found them.


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7 Tips for Keeping your Kids Fit and Healthy

As parents we want to raise happy, healthy kids. But that is easier said than done. With so many illnesses going around and the screen-loving lifestyle of today’s kids, it can seem like quite a challenge to keep kids fit and healthy.

Here are 7 pediatrician recommended tips to help kids thrive from advocare Haddon Pediatrics.


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