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Children and Ostomy Care

For people of any age, learning to live with an ostomy (a surgically created opening that allows the intestines to empty into a bag outside the body) is challenging. For children, it can be even harder.

Whether a child has a temporary or a permanent ostomy, it is a major life change with both medical and social concerns. Children often ask (or worry about asking), "How do I go to school now?", "Can I play sports?", How do I tell friends about this?"

"The Ostomy Toolkit: A Guide to Gutsy Living", developed by a psychology graduate student at Drexel University hopes to ease some of these concerns. Including stories from several patients who themselves have ostomies, the guide helps children and teens learn to manage their own ostomy care, how to discuss their health with friends, how to stay active and travel and more. It's a much needed addition for affected children and their families.


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