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Target Car Seat Trade In

Did you know car seats expire? Usually, they're good for 6-8 years from the date of manufacture, depending on the company. Over time, the repeated stress of heat, cold, and general wear and tear can weaken the plastic. When that happens, the car seat could fail in an accident. 

All seats have either a sticker or an imprint with either their manufacture date or expiration date. If it's just the manufacture date, go to the car seat company's web site to see when their seats expire.

Also, if your car seat has ever been in an accident (anything more than a minor fender bender), it needs to be replaced. The stress of an accident can also weaken the plastic.

For the next 2 weeks, all Target locations will take your old or expired car seats and give you a coupon good for 20% off a new car seat, booster or stroller. They then destroy the old seats and recycle the plastic for other uses.

Go check your existing car seats to see if they need to be replaced and take advantage of this offer. It's good until Sunday May 5th
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