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EpiPen Shortage & Alternatives

Many of our allergy families have already come across this issue. Mylan (the company that makes EpiPen, as well as a generic) has had manufacturing problems which had lead to EpiPen shortages. With school approaching, many familes are having trouble getting new Epipens in time. Under NJ law, schools themselves are supposed to have Epinephrine injectors available, but most require families to send them in, as well.

If your child needs an epinephrine injector for school - there are a few EpiPen alternatives. First, see if any of your current EpiPens haven't expired, yet. If you have any that don't expire until this fall, you can send those to school for now. (Schools usually won't accept expired medicine) That will give you a few months to get new ones. There are also several alternatives to Epipens.

There are 3 main brands of epinephrine autoinjectors in the US - EpiPen, Adrenaclick, and Auvi-Q. Epipen is made by Mylan, which also makes a generic for EpiPen. These are both in short supply. A new generic for Epipen made by a a different company was just approved by the FDA last week, but there is no word on what it will be available.

Adrenaclick is another pen-like epinephrine injector. Adrenaclick comes in the same 2 dose sizes as EpiPen, is very similar, and there is a generic available. The only difference is a second cap to remove before injecting. This video shows how to use Adrenaclick or it's generic.

Adrenaclick and it's generic are not in short supply. Most pharmacies have them available.

Auvi-Q is a newer product that actually talks you through the injection process. The device is smaller and fits more easily in a pants pocket. This product has to be ordered through the manufacturer's proprietary mail order pharmacy. There is no generic, but for now, they are promising to cover ALL copays and costs for people with commercial insurance. If you have insurance through the state, federal, government, or military it might be covered, but there may be a copay. It takes about a week to be delivered to your house. Auvi-Q's training videos are here.

In an emergency, use whatever epinephrine device you have, expired or not. It's not ideal, but it may still help. Always call 911 after use

So, check your Epipen supplies - if you need new ones, call us and we can help you decide whether to order Epipen, Adrenaclick, or Auvi-Q

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