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Constipation in Kids: What You Should Know

Our doctors and nurse practitioners see children nearly every day with constipation or urinary problems. This great video is a solid (pun intended) introduction to constipation in kids.

For children with mild symptoms, the video pretty much covers everything you need to know. If your child has more severe problems, the video does touch on medications we often use, but we recommend you set up an appointment for us to discuss this in detail.

One of the key points to highlight from the video is that when constipated children have stool accidents (or when children have daytime urine accidents), it is almost never a behavior problem. They aren't doing it for attention and aren't being too lazy to stop and go to the bathroom. Once children have been withholding for some time, they truly lose the sensation that they need to void or pass stool. Many times, their first awareness that they need to have a bowel movement or to urinate is when it leaks out. Constipation and urine accidents are medical problems, not behavior problems.

If your child doesn't have any stool or urine problems - Great! Let's keep them that way. Once you begin toilet training, keep your children on a schedule. Have them stop and try to urinate every 2-3 hrs during the day and schedule time after meals to try to poop (as the video recommends). If you wait for your child to tell you when they need to go, there is a high risk of them holding urine/stool in too long and developing problems. Don't ask them if they have to go, TELL them that it's time to try. This is especially true for toddler constipation. 

Nighttime bedwetting is a different problem, but if your child had daytime accidents as well as nighttime, it is important to tackle the daytime symptoms first.

If your child has problems with urinating or is constipated, call us to schedule a visit to discuss.

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