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School & Sports Physicals in Haddon Heights & Mullica Hill

A school physical is a routine exam you can come to expect for school-aged children. If you need to schedule a school physical, considering making an appointment at Advocare Haddon Pediatric Group. Our two locations make it convenient to get a school physical completed quickly. To reach our Haddon Heights office, please call (856) 547-7300. To schedule an appointment at our Mullica HIll location, call (856) 294-5600.

Your child might need a school or sports physical before the start of the school year or before registering for a youth sports program. Sports physicals can be completed by any of our pediatricians or pediatric nurse practitioners. Here is what you can expect at your child’s school sports physical.

Routine Examination

A school physical involves a routine examination like you’d expect at a regular pediatrician appointment. The doctor will evaluate your child’s eyes, ears, breathing, and heart rate, as well as their growth. If any of the results are considered abnormal, one of our doctors might recommend follow up care with a specialist.

Preventative Screenings

Depending on your child’s age, the pediatrician may perform different preventative screenings to ensure that common health problems are not missed. This may include vision and hearing exams, as well as screening for scoliosis or iron deficiencies. Just because your child’s doctor performs one of these preventative screenings does not mean that there were any abnormalities in the exam.

Required Immunizations

Certain immunizations are required to participate in school and school activities. Which vaccines your doctor recommends will depend on the child’s age and whether they are up to date with their vaccine schedule. If your child hasn’t had a flu shot this season, the doctor may recommend one at this time.

Review of Medical History

The doctor will discuss your child’s medical history, as well as any relevant family history. You could also bring medical records to the appointment if there is anything of interest to point out.


Printed Report

At the end of the school physical, the office will hand you a printed report of what happened during the appointment, as well as updated vaccine records and a clearance to participate in school and extracurricular activities. You may need to provide an updated record to the school for your child to be able to fully participate in afterschool programs. Make a copy of the report to send to the school.



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