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Allergic Reactions are More Likely to be Mild in Infants

Here's some news that hopefully helps reduce some fears about infants starting some higher allergy-risk foods (peanut butter, eggs, shellfish).

For a couple years now, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that infants be exposed to peanut butter early (between 4-6 months old) and often (3 times/week). Evidence now shows that this early and often exposure reduces the risk of developing peanut allergy.

However, because the AAP gave the exact opposite advice for years before that, many families are understandably nervous about starting these foods.

As we may have told you in the office, the likelihood of severe allergic reactions is quite low in infants. This study backs that up. Infants were more likely to have symptoms like vomiting and rash and LESS likely to have wheezing or other respiratory symptoms.
Unless a child has a history of severe allergies, it is safe to follow the new guidelines and introduce these foods early and often.

Obviously, if your child has any concerning symptoms after trying a new food, call us to discuss next steps.

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