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Are Urgent Cares the answer for off-hour medical problems

No real surprise here. The explosion of urgent care centers has also led to an explosion of antibiotic overuse. We see the effects of this every day in our office. We frequently see patients who saw a (non-pediatric) urgent care 1-2 days before and given an antibiotic for an infection that just isn't there. Often, this partial treatment complicates our treatment plans. This is not to say that they always overprescribe antibiotics, but this study details how common it is.
We also see patients visiting urgent care doctors for chronic conditions, like asthma, that are better managed by a doctor or nurse practitioner who knows your child's medical history.
Also, remember that urgent care doctors are almost never pediatricians.
If you think your child needs medical care on nights and weekends, Call Us First. We have evening hours every weekday and also every Saturday and Sunday morning. If we're closed later in the day on a weekend, please listen to our voicemail to get the answering service number. The nurses can talk you through simple medical problems or can make you an appointment at Advocare's Extended Access Program, where you can see one of Advocare's board-certified pediatricians.
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