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Inclined Sleepers are NOT Safe

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently released this alert. It pertains to inclined sleep products for infants. This includes devices like the Rock and Play, Day Dreamer, bouncy seats, swings, and more. Unfortunately, there have been reports of infant deaths when infants roll over in these unsafe sleep products.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends these products never be used in the first place. As we discussed in our post about co-sleeping last week, the safest place for a baby to sleep is in their own crib or bassinet. These products should have a flat sleeping surface with just a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. No blankets, pillows, etc...These recommendations apply to nighttime sleep and naps during the day. Your baby is NOT safer sleeping in an inclined sleeper during the day just because you are nearby.

If inclined sleepers are used, the CPSC recommends using the restraint straps and tightening them until they are snug. Using these straps appropriately may reduce (but not prevent) deaths from rolling-over. Once a baby can roll over, these products should NOT be used.

But, really, these products should just not be used in the first place. They are not as safe as a flat, firm crib or bassinet. As always, call us for any concerns.

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