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More Mumps News

Looks like health departments in Chester and Montgomery Counties in PA and Delaware are tracking a mumps outbreak that seems to be linked to a Mexican dance party back in February.

Mumps symptoms can take about 3 weeks to show up. Any new cases now are likely secondary cases who were exposed to people who were exposed at the party. Early symptoms are non-specific (fever, headache), but most people will develop the classic swelling of the salivary glands that mumps is known for.

There is no treatment for mumps, but luckily, it is rarely dangerous (especially rare for children and adults who have been vaccinated). Symptoms generally resolve in about a week without any complications. But, if someone has been exposed, they should stay at home for about 5 days to minimize spread to others.

Children get their first dose of the vaccine at 12 mos and their second at 4 years. The CDC is investigating recommending a third dose in adolescence,but that has not happened, yet. The only exception is that during an outbreak, exposed people may get a 3rd dose to minimize spread of the disease.

If you think your child may have been exposed to someone with mumps - please call us as soon as possible to be seen in the office.


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