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Non-essential oils

Essential oils have become quite popular lately, despite the lack of any real evidence that they can treat illness. Many families use these oils topically for common complains (sore throats, colds, etc..). Several previous reports have shown that some of these oils can cause abnormal breast growth in boys. This new study showed that some of the chemicals in essential oils act as "endocrine disruptors", meaning they interfere with our body's hormones. This helps to explain why they cause abnormal breast growth.

The article highlights lavender and tea tree oil, but many essential oils contain these chemicals.

Essential oils should never be taken internally or allowed to get onto a mucous membrane (for example, mouth or eyes). This new study gives more evidence that they should not be applied topically either. Used as "aromatherapy" (that could be a post on its own), the risk is likely low, but these oils should not be applied to skin.

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