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Flu and Whooping Cough Vaccines for Pregnancy Women

This study from last winter underscores the importance of pregnant women getting their Tdap (Whooping Cough) and Influenza vaccines. We've known the benefits of both for years. This study confirms that both of these vaccines are safe for pregnant women to receive.

Whooping cough and Flu are dangerous illnesses for infants. 
Infants are not fully protected against Whooping Cough until 6 months. They can't even start their influenza vaccines until they are 6 months old. When pregnant women get vaccinated, they pass on their antibodies to the fetus through the placenta.
In addition, influenza is quite dangerous to pregnant women. There is an increased risk of dangerous complications and miscarriages when women get infected with influenza during pregnancy.

Women can get their flu vaccine during ANY trimester of pregnancy. They should get the Tdap booster in the third trimester of EVERY pregnancy, regardless of when they may have had doses in the past.

Also, it's Flu Shot season for kids, too! Please call our office to schedule your children's flu shots soon.

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