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September 2019

Puberty and Growth Spurts: What to Expect

Puberty is a normal part of growth and development. It is essentially the process by which a child physically transitions into an adult. As a parent you may remember your own experiences as you were going through teenage puberty, and it may help you to understand what your child is experiencing.
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Baby's First Doctor Visit

It’s time for your baby’s first doctor visit. Do you know what to expect? It’s normal to be curious or even apprehensive about taking your baby to a pediatrician for the first time. But knowing what to expect can ease your mind and make the appointment go more smoothly.

Are you looking for an experienced, caring pediatrician for your first baby doctor visit? Call (856)547-7300 today to make an appointment at our Haddon Heights office or (856)294-5600 for our Mullica Hill office.


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Preschool Doctor Visits: What You Should Know

Regular well-child checkups are an important part of early childhood. The purpose of these checkups is to evaluate a child’s health, growth, and development. These visits are often accompanied by standard immunizations that are given to  children at each baby doctor visit.

Is your child ready for their preschool doctor visit? Here’s what you should know.


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